Monday, October 11, 2010


I haven't been playing very much poker recently and the poker I have been playing has been at mohegon sun. This and the usual issues have caused me to stop updating this blog.

Recently something new has come up and I figured I might try to give this blog another shot as a means of chronicling the next few weeks.

I went home for the holiday weekend and my dad challenged me to a little weight loss competition. Both of us need to drop some weight and I have been trying to make it happen for some time now without success. Hopefully this little challenge will be the motivation I need.

There are always going to be excuses for why we dont diet or work out or try to get in shape. I have been using college as an excuse for myself for quite some time. Its hard to find time to go to the gym when Im always tired or caught up in schoolwork. Its hard to eat right when people are ordering out and your drunk and hungry. Its even worse when your stoned and just really want some bad for you food.

These excuses and pressures are never going to go away. School stresses will be replaced by work stresses and If i try hard enough Im sure I can always find a good reason to not go to the gym. Hopefully that ends today.

I am going to try and lay out a series of goals for myself.

1. No ordering food.
If this proves too hard I might change it to allow for a chance to order food on the weekends but really there is no excuse for this behavior on weekdays. I can save money and eat better by preparing food for myself.

2. No junk food in the house.
I have gotten into a groove where if theres a bag of chips around and im watching tv or doing work I will eat it. The thing is, just thinking about that bag of chips will make me hungry. I need to eliminate these temptations from ground zero and just cut it out.

3. Go to the gym
I have a free to use gym and need to take advantage of it to shed some pounds and get myself in some kind of shape. my goal right now is to go and do cardio work (bike/treadmill) for 30-60 minutes every other day and take it from there. If I can make myself go more frequently fantastic but I dont know how realistic that will be.

I have been overweight my whole life and have tried dieting numerous times. I know that I will probably break my food rules and the food I cook is not going to be the healthiest food for me but I think thats ok. As long as I work out regularly and make a conscience effort to eat a little better I think I should see results.

Lets see.

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